We can highly recommend R&R Specialists for their excellent service and prompt and careful attention to our project. The work was done very well and employees very pleasant and efficient. The daily clean-up was exceptional.

Tom Allison - Snohomish

R & R Specialists did a fantastic job on a very difficult project. Their work was impeccable and “on time”; their demeanor very pleasant and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Debbie Covey

R&R Specialists replaced our windows, front doors and countertops, along with other small projects around the house. Brandon’s attention to detail during the planning stage of our project saved us from a lot of surprises and frustration during the remodel. The employees of R&R Specialists were easy to have in our home. We love our home now and have received numerous compliments on our living room and dining room windows. We are planning to use R&R Specialists again in the future to complete some other projects that we did not include in this project.

Gwen and Bruce Burk

Ready To Get Started?

You can count on us calling you again at such time as a project in your ``realm`` comes up. Craig did a wonderful job and I appreciated the fact that he grew up in the building trade AND has the integrity of the fire department behind the caliber of his work (he was short one item to be able to most safely finish the job, so he ran down to Home Depot and got what he needed.) Made me feel good.

Kris Rubenaker

I just want to let you know that our repairmen are amazing. They patched my ceiling in 2 days, and it looks brand new. They went out of their way to do extras (matching the old paint and replacing a door stop that would keep the door from hitting the drywall). They are replacing my exterior stairs tomorrow. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with their efficiency and their work. We are so fortunate to have them. They are also very kind and do impeccable work. Thanks for being a part of this for me. I so appreciate it.

Holly Langley

We called R&R Foundation Specialists to assess signs that our 1959 house had settled somewhat. We knew our lovely home still had many years of life, but we wanted to be proactive in insuring its future. Cory came out and looked at our property. After visual scrutiny and after taking some measurements, he affirmed that the house was indeed showing signs of settling. He sat with us and explained the procedure for installing Helical piers. He gave us an estimate of the cost, and worked with my husband on the sorts of prep work my husband could do to defray some of the expense of the job. We appreciated this. Cory gave us a fair estimate and displayed a high level of competence and expertise. We scheduled the work, even pushed for an earlier date than the one we first were given. We found the entire office agreeable and flexible. The work was accomplished quickly and with excellent results. The job site was neat, the work was professional, and Brandon and the crew were very nice. Later Brandon's father came out and repaired some cracks in the concrete. He was competent and friendly. All through the process we were showing our house to a prospective buyer. The buyer researched R&R and said he was impressed with the testimonials about their work. It was actually a selling point for the house.

Pam and David Mueller