Brandon Schwendtke

I’m Brandon Schwendtke, Head of Operations of R&R Specialist and I live and raise my family in our home in Snohomish county.

Since 2003 we have built our family business literally from the foundation up. I started my career in home construction so I worked all phases of the building process. I worked on foundations and framing and up to the roofing. Years of building experience help us to understand how a home is tied together and tied to the foundation.

Realizing the importance of the foundation and how critical it is to be tied into or onto stable ground led me to focus on foundation repair and remediation. To reinforce foundations and bring them back onto solid ground it takes knowledge and expertise in soil and bedrock and how the home was built. Our team of construction experts were brought together to focus on foundation repair work.

Our staff are seasoned experts. With over 100 years of construction and repair experience we bring the right team to your job and stick with it until your home is on solid ground. Your foundation must be rock solid and our team is too!

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Cory Myron

Foundation Specialist

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 Project Lead

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Project Lead

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 Project Lead