Structural Engineering

In our field there are various situations that need a structural engineer to survey the site and provide supporting documentation to stabilize your home. Hiring a structural engineer ensures the stabilization and lift of your home is adequate. They are able to test soil stability and variable loads (snow, wind, or earthquakes) as well as the load requirements for our piers coinciding with geological settings. They also will prove the honesty in our estimates because we will never treat you as a sales pitch and tell you work is needed when you have no issues.

A home is a large investment in your life and when you have unforeseen circumstances like needing foundation repair it can be a stressful time in your life. When hiring one of our partnering qualified structural engineers they are able to provide you peace of mind to prove you made the right decision with repairing your foundation. If you are ever wanting to sell your home in the future they also provide proper documentation to prove it was done correct the first time.

We have partnered with local structural engineers and have built a trusting relationship with them, and we promise you that you will have the same experience.We are confident in our work and ensuring it is done right the first time.