Contractor for Cracked & Sinking Foundations

For over a decade,  R&R Specialists has been Woodinville’s concrete and renovation contractor specializing in residential and commercial foundation repair. Common issues we specialize in addressing are cracked, settling, sinking and unleveled concrete.  While the foundation is the most important part of any home or building structure – most people don’t know the everyday signs of a breaking or broken foundation when they see them.  Bowed or leaning walls, windows and doors that are difficult to open & shut, and cracks in concrete walls or basement floors can all be signs of structural damage to a foundation. Over the years, we have been the local contractor that people trust to make sure that their homes, and places of business are stable, secure and safe. In Woodinville and the nearby areas of Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish & Bellevue – we are the foundation specialist you can rely on.

Most foundation damage occurs when the soil upon which the foundation was poured settles. Our pier systems drive steel piers all the way down to solid bedrock, which then push your foundation back up to its original level where it belongs. We’ve invested in the foundation-leveling industry’s most effective equipment including to provide a solution for just about any condition. If you have seen signs of a settled foundation, and need an expert opinion – contact our team today from Woodinville, or anywhere in the Greater Seattle or Bellevue areas. You can rest assured our experienced team will deliver fast and expert service, every time!

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